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How To Haunt DVDs

Haunted House Supplies offers the best how to videos and dvds to help you learn or build your own haunted house. Are you wanting to learn from the PROS we only offer the best educational video collection on the web. Most dvds are exclusive to Haunted House Supplies. With these collections you can tour through hundreds of haunted houses, go behind the scenes, learn how to make props, animations, how to market your haunted house and more. If you are building a haunted house the first investment you should make is purchase all of these books and get your Halloween attraction going in the right direction.

Keep checking this page often as we add more educational dvds and videos all the time. Each dvd is reviewed by our staff to ensure what you are buying will help you learn about the haunted house industry.

NEW! - How to Get Rich In The Haunted House Industry DVD
How to Detail Your Haunted House
DVD Collections
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How to Detail And Create Escape Rooms DVD


How to Build And Renovate Sets Like Hollywood DVD

How to Create The Ultimate Graveyard DVD


How to Ultimate Success
Your Haunted House DVD

How to Detail Your Haunted
House DVD - Part 5

How to Detail Your Haunted
House DVD - Part 4

How to Detail Your Haunted
House DVD - Part 3

How to Detail Your Haunted House
DVD - Part 2

How to Detail Your Haunted House
DVD - Part 1
How to Foam Carve Your
Haunted House DVD

How to Renovate Your
Haunted House Part 1 DVD

How to Create The Ultimate
Screampark DVD

The Ultimate Actor Training DVD
How to Detail Your
Blacklight 3D Haunted House DVD

How to Build A Haunted House From Scratch - Zombie Edition DVD
How to Gore Your Haunted
House DVD

Create Your Own Haunted House DVD
Hauntworld DVD Collection

America's Best Haunted Houses DVD
How To:
Secrets Of Mummification DVD

How To:
Body Gorification DVD
Stone Cold Secrets Volume 1:
How To Make Tombstones & Rocks

Boneyard DVD Collection
13 Secrets Of The Haunted
Attraction Industry

Kevin McCurdy DVD Collection
Haunting Make-up DVD

Movie FX DVD Collection
Rich Hanf DVD Collection

Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America
House Of Horrors:
Gates of Hell DVD

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