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Halloween Productions, Inc. and Blacklight Attractions, Inc. are basically the originators of 3D blacklight attractions having first
displayed the concept at the IAAPA show in Orlando over 10 years ago. Halloween Productions has designed, built and installed
over 100 blacklight 3D attractions including haunted houses, dark rides, mini golf, laser tag and other attractions.

Our company has created blacklight attractions based on Spider-man, Incredible Hulk, Garfield, and all sorts of haunted house
themes and mini golf themes. We are the best, most innovative company in the amusement industry ready to provide you with a
turnkey attraction which your guests will scream about for years to come. Our 3D haunted houses include our interlocking wall system, sound, spinning tunnel illusion, facade, life size props, animations, and the most incredible artwork on the planet. Additionally we include shipping and installation in the price of all turnkey packages.

We encourage you to visit our websites at:

www.Blacklightattractions.com or www.HalloweenProductions.com

to view hundreds of photos and videos of our amazing blacklight work.

















3D Haunted House Package includes, but not
limited to the following:

• Construction Blueprints for permitting process
• Custom Logo for marketing
• Use of the name, description, theme and logo
• Halloween Productions Wall System
• Overall Sound System / Individual Sounds / Sound FX
• Effect Lighting
• Professional Painting
• Advanced Scares for Actors
• Props, Costumes, and Masks
• Animations
• Artwork
• Assembly Materials
• Special Effects
• Training Assistance
• On-site installation assistance
• On-site staff training
• Custom Façade for the entrance of attraction
• And much more

3D Haunted House pricing cost depends on size and
complexity of project.

3,200 Square Foot Modular 3D Haunted House
$125,000 (Any Theme)

2,400 Square Foot Modular 3D Haunted House
$110,000 (Any Theme)


Blacklight Theming:

Blacklight Attractions can come into your location and paint your entire haunted house in 3D. You build the haunted house and BLA will come to your city and will paint and theme the entire attraction from start to finish.
When we are done, your event will have the BEST blacklight haunted house not only in your city but in the entire country. BLA has designed and built over 200 haunted houses, attractions and more so in addition to simply coming to your city to theme and paint your attraction BLA can also completely design the attraction including all blueprints, drawings, scare points so you and your staff can build the attraction prior to our crew coming to do all painting and theming work.

Prices start at $19,995 for complete blacklight
theming and painting work.  Call for a quote.


Mazes include: Custom design to fit your space with blueprints,
maze design, maze system, supports, and installation.

Maze Features:  Halloween Productions, Inc. mazes are
simply the best in the Haunted House industry as they are
self supporting, reconfigurable to any space, modular for
easy set up and tear down, built in scare boxes for actors,
unique scare opportunities, and  require minimum storage
space thanks to unique designs.  Halloween Productions, Inc.
has built MORE haunted houses for amusement parks
and clients World Wide than ALL othe
companies COMBINED!

Standard maze designs are
2,400, 3,200 and
4,000 square feet.






HPI will renovate your existing
3D haunted house with new theming,
painting, sound, facades and more.
HPI will create all new art panels,
and come to your location to
re-theme the entire attraction.

Prices starting at $19,995












Halloween Productions, Inc. have created multiple themes including Clowns, Science Fiction, Shipwrecks, Haunted Mansions, Headless Horseman and everything between.

 You choose the theme and our team will create your event the best 3D attraction in your area.

 All 3D haunted houses come complete with Brainstorm Studios designed logo for promotional use.

Contact us today for more details...
314 504 3970




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