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Our Blacklight Mini Golfs have proven to be a major money-maker for indoor entertainment centers for a variety of reasons. People of all ages can play blacklight mini golf, and ourBlacklight Mini Golf attractions incorporate so much more detail, interaction, set design, and special effects; plus the aspect of 3D really keeps the customers coming back.  Additionally, blacklight mini golf attractions are perfect for birthday parties, because unlike an outdoor mini golf attraction, indoor blacklight mini golf can operate year round in any weather condition.

Why do some mini golf attractions fail to live up to the expectations of the playing customers? While other companies build mini golf courses, our company builds mini golf ATTRACTIONS. Our company stands as the clear choice, the best choice, for your blacklight mini golf project.

Our attention to detail is unmatched. We’ve seen our competition, and those courses lack the essentials needed to drive repeat business. We turn the concept of a mere mini golf course into a 'Disney'-style ATTRACTION.

Our mini golf attractions include ambient sound, storytelling, fully built-out sets, interior walls, interactive holes, special effects (of SIGHT, SOUND, SMELL, and/or TOUCH), and more! Even our most basic package includes the essentials needed to push the limit of FUN to keep your customers coming back for more.

We do not use sales gimmicks to earn your business. Instead, we offer the best theming, the most interaction and the most amazing artwork in the industry to earn your business. No where do we cut corners. While our competition’s attractions might ship in a few boxes, our attractions are shipped in a 54 foot semi truck. We are not the ones who deliver a couple panels of artwork, a few garden bricks, and a couple props; we are the company that builds WORLD CLASS ATTRACTIONS at affordable prices. We realize that what you’re buying is an investment that MUST pay off. Our interactive attractions pay off in huge dividends, because we know how to must push the limit of fun and excitement to keep your customers coming back for more.


We offer a variety of different attractions to meet the needs of every client. 

An open floor plan package offers a wide view of the entire attraction and includes one sound system for the entire mini golf complete with installation, façade, and props.

Our Premium version is our standard mini golf we've sold around the WORLD which includes interior walls, raised holes, props, interactive holes and much more.

Our new level the Platinum version simply includes more built out sets, more fiberglass props, additional interactive holes, animations and much more.

Call today for more details!

Now you can purchase TWO totally different attractions for ONE price!

We're offering TWO 9 Hole Blacklight Mini Golf Attractions for the price of ONE 18 Hole attraction. We're offering to build your amusement facility two totally different and unique attractions for ONE PRICE! Now advertise two different golf attractions, rather than one and increase revenue by upcharging the second attraction.

For example, choose Pirates as one theme with its own unique entrance, exit, and facade and maybe the second attraction could be a Jungle Adventure, or a Sports theme, or whatever you want. Both attractions would feature their own facade, their own theme designs, wall systems, logos and more.

Two different facades, two different attractions fitting inside ONE space for ONE price.

Normally two nine hole blacklight mini golf attractions would cost $190,000.00 but
NOW ONLY $145,000.00, which includes shipping within the continental United States and Canada.

Our company has created several multi-themed attractions WORLDWIDE for bowling centers, family fun centers,
museums, amusement parks and more.

There is a difference between our company and everyone else and we'll prove it.
We look forward to providing your entertainment facility the best attraction in your area. Contact us today for more details...

314 504 3970


All we need from you is your budget, blueprint of space, and theme choice. After we have detailed knowledge of these 3 things, our company will provide you a comprehensive proposal.  Once we have a signed agreement, we will construct your attraction, ship your attraction and install your attraction.  Once installation is complete, we'll even document your attraction with professional photos for use
in marketing and/or website.

We look forward to providing your entertainment facility the best attraction in your area. Contact us today.

The Next Step is to CHOOSE a Theme for your Blacklight Mini Golf Attraction.

Listed below are themes we've already conceived that include a FREE logo.

We offer several themes to choose from, or we can createa custom-themed attraction
at no additional charge.



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